Laura Sweet, May 19 2020

Why I started a marketing company.

Hi there! Welcome to Sweetly Agency.

My name is Laura Sweet and I am the Founder and Principal at Sweetly. I've been fortunate to have my career to-dateĀ  span across industries, audiences, and marketing focuses. I've had the opportunity to experience both a diverse breadth, and depth of marketing - globally.

During my career, I also discovered that I have a passion for stepping in to help companies with different areas of marketing, and setting them up for success. I have been helping other companies when I can, while working in a full-time role, for quite some time now. I was never able to give too much of my time, but it still felt good to help even in the smallest capacity.

Over the past few years consulting had crossed my mind as a potential option for my future, but my last role also gave me insight into my love for building a marketing engine. Building a team that can overcome any marketing challenge put in its path - and love doing it. I also had a full-time role working for a fantastic company, so I pushed that thought aside.

Then, after almost five years in my previous role, I made a decision to take the next step in my career in a new company. I made this decision a few weeks before COVID-19 hit North America. So my next step changed.

What I've found interesting, is how something of such magnitude like a pandemic, can create space for something new. In this case, the universe seemed to align, because this situation allowed me to bring together my diverse marketing background, my love for helping companies in the areas they need enhancement in, and my love for bringing together a highly-skilled team to tackle any marketing challenge. So I started a marketing company.

Sweetly is built on a strong cultural foundation, focused on exceptional client experiences, driving quality and results, while providing many ways for its team to give back to our community. And we can't wait to work with you.

I'm excited to see where this journey takes me... I hope you'll join us for the ride.

Take care & have a beautiful day.


Written by

Laura Sweet